Giant Children’s Book Fair at Parque Bustamante


A huge outdoor tent went up overnight right near the center of the city at Parque Bustamante. It is full to bursting with children’s books and juvenile literature for the 26th annual children’s book fair called the Feria del Libro Infantil y Juvenil. It opened up today and goes until June 10th. I haven’t gotten a chance to scour the tens of thousands of titles quite yet, but it seems it’s primarily Spanish language. Kids’ books are a great way to learn naturally, without getting into crazy complex verbs and advanced vocabulary too soon. Or if your child speaks Spanish or is learning to read, this is a treasure trove! Plus the illustrations in youth titles keeps getting more intricate and imaginative all the time.

It is true that books tend to be pricy in Santiago, but these Ferias de Libro that pop up all over the city are generally fairly priced. Entrance is free for kids under 18 and costs a whole dollar for adults! Aside from book sales, every day is full of story telling time, theater, magic shows and puppets as well as other events and classes all included in the 500 peso entry fee. It open at 10:30 and runs to 8:30 PM. Check out the schedule on Providencia’s website for show times. They put this shindig on in partnership with the Camera Chilena del Libro.


About Sharlene Newman

Nearly seven years ago I moved from the global north to the global south. I write and translate and give solicited advice! I know some stuff and don't know a bunch of other things about Chile and South America, but I'm learning every day. Send any comments or questions you may have my way.

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