Yoga for Two Bucks a Class at Yoga Luka in Santiago, Chile


No joke. Santiago has a whole bunch of yoga studios of various types. You gotchyer iyengar, hatha, ashtanga and more. Bikram here is twice the cost of a Chicago studio, unless you qualify for a student discount. What I have fallen in love with is the Yoga Luka association offering fair prices on classes. Actually, fair isn’t the word. It’s one step from robbery.  There are ten schools listed, most of which offer basic level classes of an hour or more, but don’t have very many classes to choose from. The stand-out is the Academia Chilena de Yoga, offering the entire range of classes (beginner to advanced; pregnancy) at both locations for the same low price. Classes are two hours and fifteen minutes and include a full pranayama session after shavasana. One or two of the teachers have a holier-than-thou attitude, but that’s to be expected anywhere. Most of their teachers are excellent! They use the original names for poses, so brush up on your Sanskrit if your Chilean is suffering.

“Luka” is slang for 1,000 pesos, equivalent to two USD. It would be correct to say that something cost 5 lukaS, but for most Chileans, that last pesky “S” just gets in the way. Anyhow, classes in this system are pre-paid. When you go in to purchase classes at whichever school you select, they will write down the class dates/times in a book and give you a little card with that same information on it. You must present this card at the class that you have pre-paid every time. They aren’t transferable, refundable or give-away-able. If you don’t know your schedule in advance and find it hard to commit, they also offer the Yoga Cheque. The price is twice, but overall, your savings will still be nice – especially if other things continuously get in the way of a fixed, pre-paid class. Yoga Cheque can be used for any class on the schedule within the same school that you selected. Another bonus of the Academia Chilena de Yoga is that the Yoga Cheque can be used at either of their two locations. (Metro Salvador or Metro Manuel Montt). Happy stretching, connecting, resting and namaste!


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  2. Hi Sharlene – I’m heading down to Santiago for 17 days and looking to take some yoga classes and maybe take Spanish lessons. Can you help me with recommendations?

    • Hello Mike – no problem!
      Three questions: When will you be in town? Do you have a basic level of Spanish already? I am only aware of yoga classes in Spanish. There may be some in English that I have yet to come across. I suppose if you have experience in yoga you could always follow along visually if that works for you. Lastly, are you looking for group classes or individual Spanish lessons? I teach both Spanish and English private classes. If you’d prefer to work in a group setting there are also a lot of options detailed online. I can’t personally vouch for their quality as I haven’t attended any of them. Have you come across anything interesting in your research? Let me know your thoughts and I can give you better info!

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