They’re Taking Our Jobs!


Her last name means “of the kings” and her opinion she doth spread down from her pulpit as if she were on high. Such is the nature of crackbook. She got me thinking about nationalism and her gripe was about a news report showing how Spaniards are coming to Chile for work. She contends that because Spain hasn’t always treated her colonial offspring very well, that Chile shouldn’t welcome them. There is a nationalist tendency to cry out that foreigners are taking the jobs that should rightfully go to Chileans, a tendency that knows no borders really. I know a number of Chileans who live/work/love/recreate and build families inside of Spain. Should they not be there? I can’t see how a Chilean firm would go through the effort and expense of contracting foreign-born persons for work if they can get the right employees at home. There are many Peruvians inside of Chile working as nannys, day-laborers and gardeners – low-paid wage work that Peruvians snatch up and Chileans happily hire them because they fill a need. Is that okay? The history of the world is full of people migrating for better farmland, hunting, education and all manner of economic betterment. That is never going to change. It makes the world a more dynamic and interesting place.


About Sharlene Newman

Nearly seven years ago I moved from the global north to the global south. I write and translate and give solicited advice! I know some stuff and don't know a bunch of other things about Chile and South America, but I'm learning every day. Send any comments or questions you may have my way.

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