Recycling in Santiago, Chile


Recycling in Santiago is getting easier. I just found this rad website called Suma Verde sponsored by Chile’s Ministry of the Environment that shows exactly where to go to recycle yer junk. The website is in Spanish but I’m confident you can figure it out. On the home page you can select the type of waste – or “residuo” – and then you select your region. If you are in Santiago, or the Región Metropolitana, you then select your “comuna”. I did a search for just ñuñoa neighborhood and found 27 spots, many of which are at grocery stores. Aside from those, there are “puntos verdes” all over Santiago for recycling glass if you happened to not have a returnable bottle. Returnables for soda and beer are cheaper than the disposables. The puntos verdes are large, green tubs that are impossible to miss as they are as tall as many Chileans. Chile Recicla, a private entity, in conjunction with municipalities also holds events around the city to collect E-waste – old TV sets, outdated computers, etc. Their website is also in English, making it really easy to take care of your junk.


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