Santiago Festival Internacional de Cine


Quick FYI: The 8th Annual International Film Festival in Santiago starts in a few days. It runs from the 17th through the 25th at various theaters around the city. They offer packages for students and other club benefits (like club La Tercera) etc. Anyone can pick up an 8-pack for 16 luka, which translates to 4 bucks per film. The “academic” activities (roundtables, workshops, etc.) at the Universidad San Sebastián are free of charge. There are other musical events and other parallel happenings as well. Very affordable! Go to the site to choose your film. If there is something you really want to see, make sure to get there on time/early so you don’t show up to a booked room. Sometimes the schedule changes at the last minute, so double check that, too. Lastly, the part where it says English on the website is just someone being cute. It’s not. Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Chile, Ireland, England, France, Denmark, the USA (Booker’s Place and more), etc. represented with well over 100 films.


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