More Peruvian Sandwich Goodness – D’leite on Bandera


Biking haphazardly around Santiago the other day, we stumbled upon a new place for Peruvian sandwich taste-tastic-ness called D’leite Sanguchería  y Juguería downtown at Bandera #684. We ordered an Ají de Gallina empanada, but they were out of empanadas (they’ve only been open for three weeks, so they may not have their ordering system down yet), which means I gotta go back. We split a Chicharron de Mariscos y Pescado (battered fried fish and shellfish sandwich) and a Pollo Deshilachado (the chicken is broiled and then shredded finely), both topped with shoestring french fries, sliced red onion, lettuce and tomato on a hamburger style bun. Fantastic! The sandwiches aren’t as gigantic as Donde Guido, but they are equally tasty. The sauces are served on the side and you can always get more if it’s not enough: ajo (garlic), rocotto (spicy red Peruvian chili pepper) and aceituna (olive). Pepe waited on us and is in charge in some way (manager/owner?) and very friendly. He brought us an additional super spicy sauce whose name escapes me. They serve a boatload of different, freshly made juices. I had a mix of chirimoya (an interesting fruit native to these parts), papaya and guanabana. Holy hot shit! is that a good combination. Pepe was extremely friendly and let us sample their Chicha Roja, an interesting non-alcoholic juice that tastes like Christmas – it’s made with nutmeg. If you go there a number of times they’ll give you a regular customer discount card for 20% off. This Peruvian juice/sandwich/broasted chicken/salad/hamburger/tamale/empanada restaurant is open daily from 8 AM to midnight. Telephone: 02 672 1660

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