Santiago Sushi?


Sushi landed in Santiago about a decade back. Now most everyone at least knows what it is, even if they don’t partake. It’s quite popular to make it at home for parties, with plenty of cream cheese thrown into the rolls for good measure. I have had very good – not exceptional – to mediocre Japanese food over the years in Santiago. I usually wait to get back to my favorite Kamehachi in Chicago, but sometimes the urge strikes. I had been intending to go to “Japan: Santiago’s oldest Japanese Restaurant” for some time. I know, not a very inventive name. Anyhow, I recently checked it out with a few friends and we all agreed it’s the worst so far that any of us have had here. The menu is in picture format and in Japanese. It is very expensive compared to everywhere else, and the service was horrific. It seems it may only have business because their clientele don’t know any better. They just equate cost with quality, and therefore feel fancy. No way José. The design inside is cute, but the whole place is extremely well lit. This made it really easy for me to see when they poured my sake into a flute from a cardboard box sitting on the floor. Seriously? At least stash it behind a curtain. There is no music either, so one can overhear private conversations coming from all sides. And the food? Blech. The fish inside most of the rolls was cooked and dry, and the rice could have been made better by a five year old – no joke. This place to watch out for and run screaming from sits just off of Vicuña MacKenna near Plaza Italia. Be forewarned.

There are a few places I would definitely recommend, but I have to go back to them all since I have no idea what they are called. Coming soon…


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