Chile Wants Your Biz-nass!


And by that, I mean the government wants to make it super easy for new businesses to get their start inside of Chile. From their own website:

“Start-Up Chile is a program created by the Chilean Government, executed by Corfo via InnovaChile, that seeks to attract early stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups in Chile, using it as a platform to go global. The end goal of the accelerator program is to convert Chile into the definitive innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Latin America; this is a mission shared by the Government of Chile and is a primary focus of the Ministry of Economy.”

It goes on to tell the history of the concept over the last few years, government agencies that support the project and there is information on all of the project’s that have been accepted and brought to fruition. I myself haven’t applied, but I have several friends who have, and the seed money was not hard to come by [with a decent proposal / concept, of course]. The site is in English and Spanish, although the proposals are only accepted in English.

Here is a link to their summary on the ease of doing business here, although I have to say I saw some recent Tweets about a new law making it possible to incorporate for free and within one day. That’s nuts. I have to find the details on that…


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