Santiago Schwarma!


There are plenty of places to find falafel and schwarma sandwiches in Santiago. The Patronato area (to the immediate west of Bellavista) is a busy bee bustling area full of retail and wholesale clothing shops, but it also has plenty of Middle Eastern, Korean, Chinese, Peruvian and Chilean food. The best hands down? [GO HERE] Schwarma El Gringo. I don’t like the word either. There is a large, pasty faced man handling the money, which may be why they named it so. They offer sandwich sizes from mini to super at reasonable prices. The food is excellent and the garlic-yogurt sauce is fan-freakin-tastic! The address is Antonia López de Bello 364-a. Open Mon-Fri 9 AM to 8PM, Sat 9Am to 5 PM; Closed on Sundays (most of Patronato is).

Another Arab joint I like is Mikhail Delivery. [GO HERE] You can dine-in as well. They have plenty of tables outside. The falafel is perfectly fine, although nothing to holler about. What they do really well is all the rolls and fried things, like stuffed grape leaves, yellow spicy peppers and potatoes or the dips such as hummus or baba ganoush. They have a large open kitchen with a lot of older, very smiley women working on banquet sized meals. Their delivery area is rather wide. They are on the street at Antonio Varias 1366, local 2 set off of Bilbao Ave. and on the web here.

In the Barrio Universitario near Yungay and on Providencia 1457, just east of Manuel Montt there are pretty delicious Doner Houses [GO HERE] to be found with Turkish owners. Pita & Co on Merced is bad, as is Kebab at Bandera 417. [DON’T GO HERE] The former features over-priced, poorly prepared sandwiches, yet made with fresh ingredients. The latter is inexpensive, well-prepared and somewhat fresh, if just a little bland. It seems tourists and the ill-informed keep those places struggling along.


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