Pan con Palta


Bored of typical breakfast? Try this one: mashed avocado spread on toast like jam. Seriously. It is delicious in a surprising way, and very simple and quick. I’m not one for marmalades and sugary spreads, but this typical Chilean breakfast made me look at toast in a new light. There are a lot of breads here that Chilenos long for when they are out of the country, the marraqueta being my favorite. It’s a white bread that is baked up in individual loaves that are split down the center with a crusty outside and airy interior, much like a French-style bread. I do prefer the marraqueta integral, or whole what, as it’s less of a sugar rush. However you slice it, avocado and bread are a divine match. Así de simple, or I also like to top that with tomato slices, a dash or two of fresh lemon juice and Merquén [sometimes spelled merkén], a spice made of smoked cacho de cabra “goat horn” chili peppers and crushed coriander seeds long prepared in the culinary tradition of the Mapuche people. It sounds picante, but the smoky flavor rounds out the light spice. If chipotles are too hot for you, this may ring your bell. Having been turned onto the stuff, I can’t ever give it up. You can internet search it, and find where it’s sold near you. It may not be the easiest thing to come across, but well worth it.


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