Museo de Chocolate, Lima Perú


ChocoMuseoIt was clearly a lure to get us in the door at the chocolate “museum”, but it’s a sweet enough, innocent lure. My partner is a chocolate junkie so we had to go. I’m usually pretty immune to the stuff, but this chocolate was on a whole ‘nother level. When you enter La Casa del Chocolate at Calle Berlin 375 in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima, it’s a cute café set-up to have snacks and coffee. Off to another side is the shop with kitchy chocolate items [Save the Planet, it’s the only one with chocolate!], bars and beverages. Cocoa tea. It’s taste-tastic! It’s made of cocoa bean shellings and a touch of sugar. It is quite amazing how much it tastes like chocolate without any dairy or fat additives – not that I am against some yummy fat, to be sure. The lovely women who work there are fully equipped in Spanish, English and French. Very friendly, helpful and informative.

There is a mini-museum that holds some over sized cocoa plant replicas and some posters and pictures. Another area shows the chocolate-making process. They also have workshops to learn how to make the chocolate delights. I bought a dark chocolate bar filled with espresso beans. Hands down, this was the best chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. I say this without exaggeration. It was quite silky, not too sweet with a distinct fruit overtone to it. I have to get some more! The first sign of addiction.

You can find out about their tours, classes and other locations (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Cuzco) on their webpage. Perú: Good coffee, great chocolate.


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