Real Apple Cider Vinegar in Santiago

It's got the mother!

It’s got the mother!

My sorta libertarian part hippie dad (he’d shit a brick if he actually read that) insisted that he and my mom raise us seven on health foods, which was not my favorite thing as a kid. I do appreciate it now. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar was always around and over the years has helped keep me cold-free for the most part. I couldn’t find any here in Santiago, or anything similar. I tried health food stores and they were mostly out of the good stuff because apparently they put it into capsules and people take them to lose weight. I read all kinds of forums with expats inquiring about the Bragg’s, and no dice. I love drinking the vinegar because it keeps the pH balanced in the body, which means the immune system works well (preventing cancer etc.) In a city this smoggy, the winter can be a real bastard. The vinegar in the grocery stores is so refined that it tastes like candy – shitty candy, not at all like quality stuff. I took to making my own. Well, I ran out early winter and since it takes at least six weeks to ferment, I have been searching to no avail for my required medicine. I’ve found it! Actually Marcela did as she is my favorite hunter-and-finder of deals, bargains and essential items. Really. She has a gift.

I have to pass this tip along, as I’m sure others are looking, too. It’s called Vinagre Natural de Manzana made by the Agropecuario Punucapa in Valdivia, Chile. That’s a great town, too. The bottle states that it is made 100% from apples that are naturally fermented. It is bottled raw and unfiltered. It tastes right. She picked it up in La Vega Central Market, which is huge, so here are the contact details:

Cell phone: 9443 4791 or 94682841

Landline: 56-63-257639 #512 or


Aside from drinking a tablespoon or two per day in the morning and evening in water or tossing it on a salad for its general alkalinity inducing quality, I like to put it in a bowl of steaming water and do “the towel over the head and inhale” trick if I get a sinus infection or bad cold. It seriously works wonders. Of course, I’m not a doctor, but a simple human being with years of data gathered from experimenting on my own body.


The easiest place to find it is a natural foods store across from La Vega. If you get off the train at Cal y Canto, take the “Puente” exit. Walk one block south until you hit San Pablo #921 you will be at La Tostaduría Puerto Rico. You can find this vinegar and a slew of other products there (tea, coffee, dried fruits, legumes, quinoa, coconut oil and many more). If you would like a visual go to their site and click on Donde Estamos.


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  1. Hi Sharlene,

    I have often stumbled across your blog throughout the years when googling various things related to Chilean life, and I was SUPER happy to find this post about tracking down some apple cider vinegar in Santiago. Where is La Vega Central Market? Google is being surprisingly tricky about where it’s located.

      • This is perfect!!!! Thank you so much! I actually live within walking distance-ish of Cal y Canto (go figure :P) but I just recently started living here about two months ago. Hopefully I can check it out next week! Thanks again 🙂

  2. Hello, I’m an expat living and working in Santiago from Canada. There is a little cluster of shops, across from Clinica Alemena. It’s similar to Los Dominicos, however, it’s a little more modern. If you exit the clinic on the Manquehue side, cross the street and walk to the back of the cluster of stores there is a little health foods shop. You’ll find the ACV, natural with the mother.

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