Oktoberfest, Chilean Style


If you can’t go to Germany for Oktoberfest, go to Chile’s festival with a German! It worked for me. This two week beer-tasting party in Malloco just outside of the city is a guaranteed good time, especially on a weekday when there’s no line for the potty. Samples are free, and an average half liter is four bucks. I order half beers (1/4 liters) so I can try more of them without getting too full. At first they look at you strangely, and then say, why not? Exactly. Why not. I love hearing German music rocking out of the speakers with nary a German to be found. Well, one, I guess. Not 100% certain, but there were nearly 100 breweries represented. Many of them were from other countries, but most were Chilean. About half are newcomers trying to get in on the game serving the same boring three-pack: rubia (blonde), ambar/red or negra (black). Places like Die M and Budapest have been serving these three standards for years now and have got it down quite well, but most of the newer ones range for boring to crap. That said, the other 50% of the Chilean offer is fantastic! Good ones to look out for include Rothammer, Leyenda, Volcanes, Tubinger and Spoh. Spoh is the ONLY microbrewery with a true India Pale Ale. Well, Rothhammer’s Brutal Hops is fantastic hoppy goodness, and is especially good on draft, Spoh’s IPA is the right amount of hops without being heavy on the palette. It doesn’t hurt that the proprietor is one friendly chap. Be wary of any others supposed IPA’s; a lot of them are just sugary shite. The Shamrock carries Spoh, but make sure you ask for the regular IPA unless you want the coriander version. You can find barrels of Rothhammer at Pepperland in Barrio Italia and Rubik on Seminario at Santa Isabel is the best place to try all the varieties of Leyenda on draft and in bottles.2013-10-30_18-07-26_915 2013-10-30_17-27-36_568 2013-10-30_14-59-46_417 2013-10-30_15-07-14_310 2013-10-30_15-09-13_594 2013-10-30_15-19-26_415 2013-10-30_15-05-35_719 2013-10-30_17-43-50_667 2013-10-30_17-45-08_47 2013-10-30_15-38-28_626 2013-10-30_15-11-06_680


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