Sergio Larraín – Chilean Photographer



According to his biography on the site detailing the current exhibit on Sergio Larraín, he is known worldwide, but not so well in his native Chile. I do not know if that is true, but I do know that when I went on a recent Sunday, the place was jam-packed with people from infants to octogenarians. It is never that crowded and I’ve been going monthly for years. Might just be worth it to part with that dollar and go on a weekday. Born in 1931 to a family of means, he began taking photographs back in the days of film and flash bulbs in the early sixties showing what life was like for people of various backgrounds. He also worked as a photojournalist. There are 157 black and white photos plus a handful of drawings and some magazines on display that fill up a basement room at this Retrospectiva running through July 15th. The subjects include Argentina, France, Italy and England and various places in Chile such as brothel dancing bars in Valparaíso, homeless boys in Santiago (video, too) and fisherfolk around the island of Chiloé. Those last ones were my favorite; in wooden boats on the sea. From what they have on display, the photos taken in Chile and Sicily seem to show more human faces and lifestyle whereas most of the Europeans shots have more sense of place and play with light and shadow. Here are a few photos to get an idea.

 LarrainB LarrainC LarrainE



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