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Love or Evangelicals


People can believe what they want to believe. I think we all pretty much agree on that, as long as that belief doesn’t translate into violence or harm toward another. But what about proselytizing? Or as a former Evangelical has put it “Annoying people for Jesus”. We were in the plaza the other day in the center of La Serena, Chile, talking with a friend I haven’t seen in a year about some serious life realness, when a big ol’ band of folk marches through making a ruckus. The noise is apparently designed to get our attention with the ultimate goal being conversion. What a nice interlude. DSC_0011When they finally cleared the square, we picked up our conversation, no less converted than we had been. It seems to say, “Look at us. We’re so holy, and we have a lock on truth. Na-na na-na boo-boo.”  Super mature, and less than convincing. If I were the retaliatory type I’d knock on their doors at 4 AM and launch a diatribe about alien life and the multidimensional universe.

In Santiago at the Plaza de Armas, there is always a group there shouting over loudspeakers trying to theoretically bring people into the flock. There are artists and vendors, groups of friends and lovers all about the plaza. They go for a break or to peruse the wares, but not to find the lord. These mic’d folk are simply annoying. They don’t stop when there is an event in the square either. Frequently, groups from all over the world come to perform in live, public shows. Do they turn off their speakers and respectfully listen and let others enjoy, too? No. They turn the volume up louder! How do people who show such disdain for others and don’t know the meaning of the word ‘respect’ think they will convince people to join their group? It’s all just illogical to me.

The senate yesterday continued it’s debate on the Acuerdo de Vida en Pareja, which is basically a domestic partnership registry that would apply to homo, bi, a-, pan or hetero sexuals, romantic pairs or just friends – any two adults who want to join their financial futures together in order to have better prospects and a more solid foundation. Guess who was there to protest that? Oh, yes. The evangelicals are calling on us to come back to Jesus, as if this decision had anything to do with their church. 6 senators voted against; 28 in favor. The measure moves forward.